Dumpster Cart Moving

Dumpster Cart Moving Dumpster Cart Moving
  • Moves Full Dumpsters Up to 2000 lbs
  • 36 volt 3 Battery System
  • Dumpster Brackets Bolt/Weld to Dumpster
  • 0-3 MPH Forward/Reverse
  • Works Up Inclines, Snow, Or Ice
  • Charger Works with 120/220 Hrz Outlets



With a DJ Products WasteCaddyLite dumpster cart mover, the work of moving a dumpster, a task that once may have required three or four people, can now be done by just one person. And that one person does not have to worry about strain or overexertion. Our WasteCaddy dumpster cart puller was ergonomically designed to help an employee transfer a dumpster from an underground parking lot to the street, push a dumpster along a street that is level, or pull a dumpster on an incline.

The compact, ergonomic design allows the WasteCaddyLite dumpster cart mover to maneuver in tight areas, so you don't need to worry that it will be too bulky for construction and renovation projects in small areas. For example, you can move a dumpster through a small alley or among other heavy equipment. Moving debris and waste is a part of the work you do but it is not where you want to concentrate your efforts. This part of your projects can be made much more efficient with an ergonomically designed dumpster cart mover. You can see to it that dumpsters full of waste are moved quickly and without taking away too many workers from more important tasks.

Features and Specifications

Features and Specifications:
  1. DJ Product's WasteCaddyLite dumpster cart mover is specifically designedfor pushing dumpster carts and waste containers to pick up area's or processing locations and it significantly decreases the risk of injury to employees or property managers. Pulling heavy waste containers is a high risk activity for property managers and often requires several employees working together to get waste or recycling containers from one point to another. DJ Product's WasteCaddyLite container puller reduces injuries arising from accidents and from overexertion. It can also make a three or four person job into a one person job saving labor costs.
  2. The WasteCaddyLite dumpster mover is ideal for pulling heavy waste containers, recycling containers and dumpsters from one point on a property to another. Applications include moving waste containers at apartments or condominiums to the curbside pick up site, moving recycled material from one part of the plant to another and moving heavy dumpsters from waste storage enclosures to the trash hauler pickup areas.
  3. The WasteCaddyLite dumpster mover has a compact, ergonomic design which makes it perfect for maneuvering heavy waste containers in tight areas. The waste puller latches on to containers and can move them down hallways, in parking garages, down aisles and through doors. The WasteCaddyLite is also engineered to get excellent traction in a variety of weather conditions, including snow, slight, and gravel. The 36-volt power allows units to move garbage containers up to 10,000 pounds over a variety of inclines.
  4. These waste movers are currently being used at hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and manufacturing complexes. Many businesses have realized a quick return on this investment by having lower labor costs and workers compensation injuries.